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KGIPL : Kochhar Glass (India) Pvt Ltd

KGIPL : Kochhar Glass (India) Pvt Ltd

The leader in quality processed glasses

For over 65 years, The Kochhar Group has been a key contributor to Glass architecture in Central India as the biggest wholesalers of architectural glass. The company forayed into glass processing in 2007 with the first imported glass toughening plant replete with all pre-processing facilities. Made to international specifications, its facility at Bhopal has commended admiration from industry leaders. In 2010, Kochhar Glass inaugurated its 70,000 sq.ft plant with expanded capacity and capabilities. Today, as an award-winning member of the Safe Glass Consortium, it houses best-in-class machines sourced from the world leaders in glass processing technology.

Sandeep Kochhar

Mr. Sandeep Kochhar

Managing Director KGIPL : Kochhar Glass (India) Pvt Ltd









Project Name: J.W.Marriott

Glass Specification: KT 155-6mm

Quantity: 15000 Sqm

Location: Kolkata

Segment: Hotel

Chandigarh Airport

Project Name: Chandigarh Airport

Glass Specification: SKN144-8mm

Quantity: 4000 Sqm

Location: Chandigarh

Segment: Airport

Project Name: Apollo Premier Indore

Glass Specification: ST 467-6mm

Quantity: 7000 Sqm

Location: Indore

Segment: Commercial

Project Name: Pentagon

Glass Specification: ST436-6mm

Quantity: 20000 Sqm

Location: Magarpatta Pune

Segment: Commercial

Project Name: ONE Avighna Park

Glass Specification: PLt green-8mm

Quantity: 12000 Sqm

Location: Mumbai

Segment: Residential

Project Name: Kartarpur

Glass Specification: KT130-6mm

Quantity: 8000 Sqm

Location: Gurdaspur Punjab

Segment: Temple

Project Name: C21 Indore

Glass Specification: KT 140-6mm & St136-6mm

Quantity: (KT140- 8000 Sqm & ST136-4000 Sqm)

Location: Indore

Segment: Commercial

KGIPL : Kochhar Glass (India) Pvt Ltd

KGIPL : Kochhar Glass (India) Pvt Ltd


Plots 6,7, 18 &19, Sector A, Govindpura Industrial Area, Bhopal

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