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Shivarth Ambit, Ahmedabad

Shivarth Ambit was designed with the intention of bringing the best of modern workspaces, coupled with highly sustainable building features, to the city of Ahmedabad and especially for high-end businesses.


Design Intention

-The building should be sustainable and energy-efficient. -The building should be humane in design - the occupants' health should be enhanced in the eco-system of the building. -To be cost-effective, a simple geometric design of the building was considered. This involved orienting the structure of the building based on sun-path analysis and selecting green-elements for minimizing loss of energy, given the hot and dry climate of the city.

Building Structure

Shivarth Ambit is a G+6+2B structure with terrace-offices to have a high livability factor for occupants. Open staircases have been incorporated to provide natural daylight and fresh air-ventilation. Conceptually, we wanted a combination of two materials; one was the solid framing and the other one had to be visually light, so glass-framing structure was the perfect option fulfilling the conceptual requirement.

Versatility with Glass

Glass is one of the most versatile and oldest materials in the building industry. For the building, we have successfully achieved the quality of visible transmittance by usage of SGG Nano Misty Blue KT 755, mostly in the parts of the building facing maximum sun exposure.

Glass Facade

Façade-engineering is the art of resolving aesthetic, environmental and structural issues to achieve the enclosure of habitable space. Maximum usage of glass was done in the façade area of the building for this purpose, by providing a brilliant aesthetic appeal to the building along with a fantastic view of the city lying underneath, from the edge of every single office.

Role of Glass

In the building, we have used reflective glass to reduce the direct harsh light and it also adds to the aesthetics of the building. The advanced solar-control glass SGG Nano Misty Blue KT 755 was chosen, which -Has low e-value - low solar absorption -Has low U-value - prevention of heat absorption due to temperature difference between inside and outside of glass -Is ECBC compliant and therefore, a green product -Cuts down UV transmission by 90% -Has a low carbon footprint This glass suits the climate of Ahmedabad city in all the seasons, is very environment-friendly and has added a magnificent look to the building. Also in the long run, this glass will be very cost -effective for the occupant as it reduces the consumption of HVAC considerably.

Key Green Features

Green initiatives for energy conservation: Intelligent use of glass and windows on North and South side of the building to limit the heat loss and gain maximum daylight. The glass façade is 1/3rd of the total area optimizing daylight and minimizing heat gain on to the floor. SGG Nano Misty Blue KT755 – a high performance glass used for building façade, boasts of: -A visual transmittance of 30% -Solar heat gain co-efficient of just 0.25 -U-value as low as 1.9 W/m2K

Architect's Quote

Ar.Mohit Gajjar from ADS Architect Private Limited says "Glass is one of the most fascinating materials used in architecture. It helps us to design unique buildings that optimize the use of natural light, besides allowing the buildings to harmoniously integrate with their surroundings. Overall, we have had a very good and satisfactory experience working with Saint-Gobain."

Developer’s Quote

With a no-compromise-on-quality policy, we have raised the bar for commercial properties in Ahmedabad by installing DGU glass – only the 3rd building in Ahmedabad to do so. So far, Saint-Gobain has continued to be our trusted partner.

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