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The project is one of the most lavish residential apartments in Pune City, and not without reason. Spread over 1,00,000 sq.ft. of space, it is one of the most ambitious offerings from Merint Developers Pvt. Ltd. The company, known for its signature style, has imprints in countries ranging from Poland and the Middle East to India. With 219 BCR, it has once again left an indelible impression on the architectural landscape of India's growing urban elite territory.

The international firm Atkins was commissioned to do the master planning and they worked on the project up to the schematic design stage. Fourth Dimension Architects Pvt. Ltd., a Pune-based firm, was appointed to provide PMC, structural & MEP design services, along with being the liaison architect. Studio Hinge won the pitch for interior design and was eventually entrusted with the exterior design as well.

There are several architectural elements that stand out in this one-of-a-kind property. An impressive first impression is lent by the distinctly designed lobby. 274 hand-blown glass stems with brass inserts and programmable fibre optic lighting welcome guests with their brilliant magnificence. The reception desk and a water body were accommodated within these scoops and a triple height space was provisioned to maximise the impact of the lighting installation. Two of Saint-Gobain's signature products were extensively used here, including the premium SGG Priva-LITE - a glass that can turn transparent to opaque at a click of a switch and SGG Planilaque - a vibrant range of lacquered glass, to align with the concept of uber luxury @ 219, BCR

10 boutique apartments (each sprawled over 8000 sq.ft.) are spaced out individually across the 10 floors, allowing privacy like none other, with even private lift lobbies for the flats. A custom designed pattern on the frameless glass lift doors obscures visibility of the lobby from those passing the floor in the lift. A glass screen that separates the apartment entrance lobby from its lift lobby, turns from frosted to clear at the touch of a button. All these have been achieved, thanks to the technologically superior glass, SGG Priva-LITE, from Saint-Gobain

With Merint’s core business being glass trading, they represent Saint-Gobain exclusively in 15 countries in the Middle East & Africa and work closely with architects and designers who specify glass. With this in mind, the designers were keen to use various innovative types of glass, including


219 BCR is a landmark project in more ways than one. Indeed, if grandeur were to find itself a residence, it would undoubtedly be at 219 Boat Club Road, Pune.

Extra clear glass

Also called “Diamant” (Diamond in French), this low iron content glass is devoid of the greenish tint seen on the edges of even the clearest glass. It was used on the balcony handrails on the façade and on the compound wall. The entrance glazing to the main lobby also features extra clear glass in a single sheet of 20’wide x 10’high, hung at an incline with no visible framing.

DGU with low-e glass

All the windows were double glazed, with one pane of glass being low emissive, which is energy-efficient and reduces thermal gain. The double glazing also provides acoustic isolation, keeping noise out.

Low reflectivity glass

Known by the Saint-Gobain trade name Visionlite, this glass reflects less than 1% of the light incident on it making it look highly transparent.

Lacquered glass

This glass is made opaque by applying a lacquer of colour on one face of a clear glass and then enamelling it using high temperatures. It was used in both its versions - of glossy (SGG Planilaque) & matt (SGG Planisilk) finishes on wardrobes and interior furniture.

Textured glass

Several 3d textures from the MasterGlass range of Saint-Gobain have been used on select handrails, where obscuring the view to the flat below was important.

Timeless Glass

Specially coated glass from Saint-Gobain was used to avoid streaks and water marks in shower areas and on glass water curtains.


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