faceboo SGG Glassmate Masking Tape for stain-free removal


NoMarks Masking Tape is a high performance auxiliary support for glass fixing, that ensures no adhesive traces are left after removal of tape.

NoMarks Masking Tape offers stain-free removal when used for support, patching and paint masking applications. It has a high load-bearing capacity. The masking tape comes with guaranteed length for application. The recommended substrates upon which the masking tapes can be used are all types of glass, paints, MDF board and plywood. NoMarks Masking Tape is easy to tear for tool-free application. This high performance.

  • Saint-Gobain GlassAssured length

  • Saint-Gobain GlassHigh peel strength

  • Saint-Gobain GlassEasy to tear

  • Saint-Gobain GlassNo stains on removal

  • Saint-Gobain GlassSafe and VOC-free


Temporary Glass Mounting Supports

Nomarks Masking Tape is a versatile tape that can be used for a variety of temporary glass mounting supports.

Saint-Gobain Glass

Sizes Available ‎

SGG Nomarks Masking Tape is available in following sizes-

24mm x 18mts

18mm x 20mts

24mm x 20mts

18mm x 25mts

24mm x 25mt

24mm x 25mts

18mm x 40mts

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Nomarks Masking Tape




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