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Aaron Spectra

Aaron Spectra is a commercial project located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It is developed by Aaron Infrastructure, a leading developer in the region for the last one decade.

The project is situated at Bodakdev in the city and is among the most well-planned commercial properties with every desired amenity. It comprises 13 floors and 59 units that are well-ventilated and conform to both aesthetics and functionality. The type of glass has also been chose to align with these requirements. The project demanded a high-performance advanced solar control glass that would provide optimum light transmission with minimal visual glare. Hence SGG Cool-Lite from Saint-Gobain, was picked as the choice of glass.

SGG Cool-Lite is an advanced coated glass manufactured by the state-of-art magnetron sputtering process under vacuum conditions. In addition to solar protection, SGG Cool-Lite provides optimum light transmission, allowing natural daylight into the interiors, reduces glare and minimises the need for any kind of artificial lighting. It is available in an exhaustive range of colours of neutrals, greens, blues, blue greens and bronze and is suited for use in both single and double-glazed units. For Aaron Spectra, SGG Cool-Lite Graphite was selected.

Going forward, responsible architecture will be that which ensures energy-efficiency with the use of sustainable building resources. Saint-Gobain's range of glass is designed for the future and SGG Cool-Lite at Aaron Spectra is one more step towards Making the World a Better Home.


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