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age of limitless possibilities

Every living space is a dream. And do dreams ever have limits? Dreams do not have limits and in today's age, it is possible to fulfill these limitless dreams. Today's architecture, with its Aesthetics, Signature designs, Flexibility and Robustness, all culminating in functionality of the building, can make dreams come true.

Over the years, architecture has evolved and so have our choices for our buildings. Today we look for solutions that help enhance our surroundings in every sense. We want our living spaces to:

  • Having bold color palettes
  • Highlight the design & form of the building
  • Be Energy efficient
  • Have exquisite exterior views complementing the interiors of the building


High-Performance Energy-Efficient Exterior Glazing Solutions

Saint-Gobain's 'Infinity' series is a bouquet of glass products designed to deliver high-performance for exterior applications, even while being energy-efficient. Aimed at offering solar control and thermal insulation, the Infinity line of products is manufactured using advanced Nano technology in a plasma environment. Ensuring minimum glare, the range comes in several aesthetic variants that makes it the go-to choice to adorn the contemporary architectural landscape. Therefore, it meets the need for a glass that delivers both on form and function. Best suited for facades, Infinity is ideal for use in diverse spaces like commercial, luxury residential, hospitality, education and healthcare.


Solar Control Glazing Solutions for Homes

Sun Ban from Saint-Gobain is a range of glass especially designed to ensure solar control in the residential space. It is perfectly suited for tropical climates like that of India, where the need to control heat ingress is of paramount importance. It can be widely used for applications like windows, staircase glazing, facades and balconies, amongst others. As against ordinary glass, Sun Ban comes with a special pyrolitic coating that provides superior UV protection while ensuring indoor temperatures remain unaffected or lower than outdoor temperatures. Hence it allows optimum daylight to pass through but is capable of cutting radiation and reflecting upto 70% of heat. Available in a variety of colours and thicknesses, it scores on the aesthetic front as well.

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