faceboo SKA Metro Ville, Greater Noida goes for Sun Ban Solar Control Glass

SKA Metro Ville

SKA Metro Ville is a luxurious residential group housing society project in Greater Noida. It is developed by the SKA Group, known for their forte in group housing projects. Spread over a total land area of 20000 sq.mt., there are a total of 1062 units across 4 towers, comprising 3/4/5 BHK options.

SKA Metro Ville is a RERA-approved and IGBC Gold Pre-certified project. It is a result of the developer's vision to promote green homes for residents to live a contemporary lifestyle while preserving natural resources. The principles of resource reduction, recycling, and reuse underscore its green objective, focusing on habitat planning, design, and development to allow plenty of natural light and fresh air. Hence, the project has incorporated glazing that helps to achieve its aim of creating a green building, and Saint-Gobain's 'Sun Ban' range of solar control glass has come in handy towards accomplishing this goal.

SKA Metro Ville has used the 'Blue Ray' variant from Saint-Gobain's 'Sun Ban' range of glass. Sun Ban is a best-in-class range of Solar Control Glass for residences. It allows optimum daylight to pass through but cuts radiation and reflects away up to 70% of heat. This special pyrolytic coated glass provides superior UV protection while ensuring the indoor temperature remains unaffected or stays lower to outdoor temperature, compared to normal clear glass. It also enables significant savings in terms of energy bills due to reduced dependence on artificial lighting and cooling.

SKA Metro Ville has been mindful in incorporating several elements that make it sustainable. These include rainwater harvesting, reuse of waste water in landscaping, use of solar energy, thermal insulation of terraces, glazing to reflect heat and optimise lighting, among several others. With Saint-Gobain's Sun Ban, the project has been able to amplify its vision of energy-efficiency and lead the way to sustainable living.




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