faceboo JJM Medical College, Davanagere Installs SGG Evo Solar Control Glass

JJM Medical College

The JJM Medical College is devoted to providing leadership and excellence in the fields of teaching, clinical care, and service on a student-centered comprehensive campus.

Renowned builder Mahalaxmi Group developed this highly functional healthcare project in collaboration with esteemed architectural firm Shankar Associates. In this project, Argo Façades played a vital role as the fabricators.

The medical college is located in the heart of Davanagere. The campus is spread over 25 acres of land with excellent infrastructural facilities for training the students. The main campus includes the Pre-Clinical, Para-Clinical, and Administrative Block, as well as the Bapuji Hospital.

Considering the need of the hospital and institution, the project mandated an advanced solar control and thermal insulation glass. Hence SGG Evo from Saint-Gobain was chosen.

Why SGG Evo(ET 725) is the perfect choice?

SGG Evo is an energy-efficient glass that delivers outstanding performance throughout the year. This innovative product provides numerous benefits, such as solar protection and thermal insulation for both Single and Double Glazing applications. With its advanced features such as low internal reflection, heightened light transmission, and impressive U-Value, SGG Evo delivers top-notch performance. It is available in a range of shades including neutral, green, blue, and bronze. JJM Medical College chose SGG Evo Orion Blue to complement the beauty of the infrastructure.

Benefits of Choosing SGG Evo(ET 725):

  1. Optimum Light Transmission
  2. Lower Internal Reflection
  3. Solar Control and Thermal Insulation
  4. Advanced Thermal Insulation
  5. UV Protection
  6. Green Rating Compliant

With thermal protection and solar insulation glass, SGG Evo has successfully harmonized functionality and aesthetics at JJM Medical College.


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Saint-Gobain Glass
Saint-Gobain Glass

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