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The Amaryllis Phase 2

The Amaryllis Phase 2 is a residential complex located in the popular Karol Bagh neighbourhood, among the most well-developed areas in the region. Situated on the New Rohtak Road, it is strategically connected from the nearby metro station to all the other parts of the city. It is a project by the well-known Unity Group, that has delivered approximately two million sq.ft. of commercial, retail, hospitality, and institutional spaces in the last two decades.

The Amaryllis Phase 2 is well-endowed with a host of amenities to align with the contemporary lifestyle. It consists of three high-rise towers with a panoramic view of the surroundings and lies in close proximity to hospitals, educational institutions, restaurants, shopping avenues, etc.

SGG Envision SKN 176, an advanced coated energy-efficient glass has been the preferred choice to clad The Amaryllis Phase 2.SGG Envision is part of Saint-Gobain's 'Infinity' range of exterior solutions. Manufactured by the state-of-art magnetron sputtering process under vacuum conditions, it has a high value of spectral selectivity(light to heat ratio), optimum light transmission, low solar factor and a low U-value.

SGG Envision conforms to green building standards, letting in natural daylight while offering UV protection. Because it reduces the dependence on artificial lighting and cooling, it helps in reducing energy bills and aiding a sustainable way of living. At The Amaryllis Phase 2 too, SGG Envision is leading the way in fulfilling the builder's vision of an energy-efficient project.


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